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Localize your audiovisual project  all around the world, translating it into multiple languages.

State of the art equipment to ensure the best vocal quality to meet the requirements of your project. 

Industry standards specs for your audio post-production needs.


VOA STUDIOS MIAMI is a boutique audio production house located in the heart of Miami, specializing in dubbing, voice over, audio post-production, mixing and all audio related work. ​


Founded in 2007, VOA STUDIOS became a major player in the audiovisual world in France and internationally. It quickly established itself as a benchmark in the communications and media world. Later, VOA STUDIOS MIAMI re-birthed in the late 2020's in the midst of the pandemic gaining independence from the France studio and is now a sister company. 


VOA STUDIOS MIAMI has expertise in the field of audio production, and is notorious all around the world. We work with many different types of audiovisual content: podcasts, audiobooks, TV series, advertisement campaigns, toys, animation series, short films, applications, video games, feature films, and dubbing foreign live action content as well.


We offer full dubbing services in Miami from script adaptation, to casting, sound design and mixing. VOA MIAMI is the best place to localize your content wherever you need.



Palm Trees

Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion. Creativity

The VOA Team combines more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Thanks to our expertise in the field of voice over and dubbing localization, VOA Studios Miami guarantees a high-level, quality result of all your audiovisual projects! Our expertise also includes personalized support from the beginning to the end of your project based on your specific needs.


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1150 SW 22nd St. 

Miami, FL 33129

Cell: 1-786-527-5099

Our studio is open 7 days a week.

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